Carnations wholesale from Ecuador

Plantation Flores La Union

FLORES LA UNION – plantation produces and exports Carnation flower since 2006. At that time economical situation was extremely bad at our region so we started a production which could be not just for earning money but to give opportunity to other families to have a better life. This is how we came up to name “La Union” to embrace the idea of unity.

We started with just one hectare of land – we were always more concerned about quality than the quantity and we were able to offer a great quality flower to local and foreign market. Just one year after we enlarged the planting area to 2 hectares. Now we have 5 hectares of planting area – 5 times bigger and we keep on growing.

Hard work of all employees and the unique nature of the land of Ecuador let us to be one of the best Carnation flower plantation and to improve everyday life of people living here.